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October 18th, 2012 | Posted by Simon Dawson in Charity | Kirkstall Community First | Our Community

Do you want to run a local project that will benefit the local area? A new programme from the Office for Civil Society has awarded Kirkstall £67,820 to spend over the next four years on projects led by members of our community.

Groups do not have to be registered charities and can be groups of locals who are looking for some financial support. Each group can request £250 to £2500 from Kirkstall’s fund, but in order to receive a grant from the panel, projects must be able to attract match funding from elsewhere. You can’t count other council grants towards the matched funding however you will be able to count volunteer time.

How does it work?

The Office for Civil Society has allocated between £17,000 and £200,000 over a four-year period to 600 council wards in England. Kirkstall has set up a community first panel to review applications for funding supported by the KVCA (Kirkstall Valley Community Association).

Groups of people who have a project they would like funding for submit their application to the panel who will review the application and make a decision on whether to recommend it to CDF (Community Development Fund). Following due diligence checks, funds are paid out to the project directly by CDF.

Who can apply?

Anyone can submit an application for funds, but the project  must take place in the council ward that the allocation has been made to; to apply to the Kirkstall panel the project must take place within the Kirkstall council ward. A map of the boundary of the Kirkstall Ward can be found in the Kirkstall Vision document.

To find out other council wards that have been allocated funding (and should have their own panels) please visit http://www.cdf.org.uk/web/guest/neighbourhood-matched-fund

When should I apply?

Now! Go to the Kirkstall Community First Facebook page to get all the latest information and get your submission in as soon as you can.

How will we decide?

In Kirkstall we are lucky enough to already have the Vision for Kirkstall that has been through consultation with the local community and we do have printed copies left from the consultation should you wish to get one.

Any project can apply for funds but if it reflects part of the Vision For Kirkstall, all the better! Your application might be for equipment to help a local clean-up, run an event for local young people, put on a public art exhibition or anything else. You can think of that will benefit local residents in Kirkstall ward.

Applications can be sent to kirkstallcommunityfirst@gmail.com  or you can post the form to Kirkstall Community First, c/o John Preston, TCV Leeds, Hollybush Conservation Centre, Broad Lane, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS5 3BP


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