The Great Leeds Statutory Bodies Quiz

January 14th, 2013 | Posted by Simon Dawson in Local Issues | Our Community | Policing

Every wondered which electoral ward you live in? And which housing authority you come under? And who is your MP? Even if you just want to report a crime, which police team will it get assigned to?

Sadly, most local residents don’t know the answer to these questions, but its not really that surprising. Its a strange world of ever-changing boundaries and reshaping of communities. For example, the “Kirkstall” ward doesn’t really fully reflect the identity of the Kirkstall community: it omits some parts of what locals would consider Kirkstall and conversely includes parts of other communities. Maybe it’s the naming of the wards that is the issue?

Then there are the police divisions and the ever-evolving neighbourhood policing teams (since I first drew this chart they’ve changed their names of the team again!) which don’t quite reflect the wards and areas in the same way that the electoral commission thinks define the community.

Finally, there’s our parliamentary constituencies, which yet again draw more different boundaries about what defines our communities.

I’m not criticising the elected members and representatives of the bodies that have to work within these boundaries, but its a shame that those who define these boundaries pay less consideration to the fact that its so complex to work out who to talk to unless you happen to be a councillor, ward manager, police inspector, or an MP! So, its hardly surprising that most residents don’t have the answers.

So, to help those of you wondering how you fit in to the big picture, and who you need to contact, I’ve drawn the following summary. As always I’m happy to make changes if needed, its all been drawn up by hand from various sources as I couldn’t find anything on my web travels. I’ll try to keep it up to date, but need amendments pointing out please!

There’ll be a test at the end of the quiz…

Leeds City Council
Management Area
Leeds City Council
Area Committee
Electoral Ward Parliamentary Constituency West Yorkshire Police Division Neighbourhood Policing Team
West North West North West (Inner) Hyde Park & Woodhouse Leeds Central North West Leeds Hyde Park & Woodhouse
Kirkstall Leeds West Headingley, Weetwood & Kirkstall
Weetwood Leeds North West
North West (Outer) Otley and Yeadon Airedale and Wharfdale
Adel and Wharfedale
Guiseley and Rawdon Pudsey
West (Outer) Calverley and Farsley Pudsey
Farnley and Wortley Leeds West
West (Inner) Bramley and Stanningley Armley, Bramley and Stanningley
East North East North East (Inner) Chapel Allerton Leeds North East North East Leeds Chapel Allerton
Roundhay Roundhay, Alwoodley and Moortown
North East (Outer) Alwoodley
Harewood Elmet & Rothwell Wetherby and Harewood
East (Inner) Killingbeck and Seacroft Leeds East Killingbeck and Seacroft
Gipton and Harehills Gipton and Harehills
Burmantofts and Richmond Hill Leeds Central Burmantofts and Richmond Hill
South East East (Outer) Garforth and Swillington Elmet & Rothwell Garforth, Kippax Swillington and Methley
Kippax and Methley
Crossgates and Whinmoor Leeds East Crossgates, Whinmoor and Temple Newsam
Temple Newsam
South (Inner) City and Hunslet Leeds Central City & Holbeck City
Beeston and Holbeck Holbeck
Middleton Park Rothwell
South (Outer) Rothwell Elmet & Rothwell
Morley North Morley and Outwood Morley
Morley South
Ardsley and Robin Hood

PS I was only joking about the test.

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2 Responses

  • Simon Dawson says:

    Since writing this, I’ve thought it’d be good if we can summarise what each of the bodies above do. It’ll help give a bit more context to readers what an “Area Committee” is, for example. Any volunteers to write that bit for us please?

  • Simon Dawson says:

    Any other thoughts what info could be added to this? Postcode area maybe (although that could be complex!)