Tesco To Consult On Plans For New Kirkstall Store

March 8th, 2011 | Posted by Simon Dawson in Local Issues

Tesco has confirmed that in the next few months it will be consulting on proposals for a new supermarket and other community facilities in Kirkstall.

The proposals could include a Tesco store, community buildings, new shops and a public square.  This investment would regenerate the currently derelict land at the junction of Kirkstall Lane and Commercial Road, creating hundreds of local jobs.

Deborah Hayeems, Tesco Corporate Affairs Manager, said:  “We are excited to be bringing forward proposals for a new Tesco store and other community facilities on this important site in Kirkstall.

“Over the next few months we will be developing our plans in consultation with local residents, businesses and community groups.  We want to maximise the benefits of this investment in Kirkstall, creating new facilities and jobs for the area that would provide a major boost to the local economy.”

Consultation on the plans will begin in March before a planning application is submitted later in the year.



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7 Responses

  • Not my first choice for Kirkstall – yes will bring jobs but also more traffic I would think.

    We have one big supermarket already – some more variety would have been nice. Interesting mention of community facilities. I liked the original plan for the District Centre site with a “street” of small stores, parking outside and trees – like a traditional “high street”.

  • Tom Brannigan says:

    I will be opposing this Tesco as we do not need another supermarket in Kirkstall.

  • Simon Dawson says:

    Apparently there is analysis going on about the traffic and the impact it will have, but really not sure how they plan to find a workable solution. The site is designated as one that must have a supermarket on it but I do agree that it will have a big impact on the area.

    If we do embrace it as a community then there is a great opportunity for us to form a centre to Kirkstall and push very heavily for the “community buildings, new shops and public square”. These could be a very positive gain for the area and we should push hard for them.

    We all need to get involved in this consultation and make our views known to both Tesco and the Council.

  • Belinda says:

    I agree that Kirkstall is becoming more like Birstall – But frankly anything has to be better than the eyesore that is there at the moment. Its a disgrace that Wades was knocked downand not restored ( for financial reasons ) and in this economic climate no-one but a large corporate is going to be able to develop the site for the next 5 years at least.

    Tesco will probably have corporate responsibility to local communities – we should ask to be assinged a Tesco community champion – in their strategy their aim is to increase the number of them http://bit.ly/hEdqJK . I thnk the inclusion of some green spaces is important, and consideration of people who want to walk to the store …unlike Morrisons where pedestrians have to walk through the car park to get to the store…did no-one think to put the cars at the back of the store ?!

  • Sarah says:

    I agree with Belinda and Simon. We could embrace this as a positive opportunity. I for one would love to have a centre for Kirkstall and be able to push for our community to have a focal point.

  • Jo says:

    I agree with Tom, we don’t need another supermarket. What we need are local shops, such as a post office, greengrocer, butcher etc, so that we can support small businesses and local residents can walk to the shops.

    Will the traffic analysis be the same as when Morrisions was being developed as if I recall correctly that was totally wrong and a complete joke! The traffic queuing to get into Morrisons on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon is already horrendous, we don’t need to add to it.