Talking Buses Campaign

May 24th, 2014 | Posted by Jenny.Budd in Charity
In July the Guide Dogs Organisation is hosting a Parliamentary Reception on Talking Buses. We have been contacted by Kevin Crossley who that wants to get the word out about the campaign and ask people to support by signing a petition. 
Kevin Crossley said:  ”I am registered blind and find using public transport very very hard. We found that the trains have audible displays so why don’t the buses have it installed. We have to have some one to travel with us on routes we do not know which can sometimes be difficult and inconvenient. So we are fighting back we have set up a Facebook page which is called talking buses, anyone can join our campaign. There is a link where you can help us by writing to your M.P.S. it only takes a couple off minutes to fill out. It will not only help blind people, it will help elderly people and people who can not read . I have tried to contact bus makers and bus suppliers although they not got back to me yet apart from Volvo who has taken this on board they are passing this on to there development team.”
This cause calls for audio visual (AV) next and final stop announcements onboard buses
You can help by emailing your MP inviting them to reception where they can pick up your comment. Simply complete the form at the website below (don’t forget to include why you support the campaign), select submit, on the next page you’ll be able to read the invite to your MP before selecting submit once again to send it.
Here is the link to the Facebook page if you wish to show your support that way.

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