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Events in Kirkstall

Kirkstall Festival 2010

Photographs of the Festival:

John Compton
Michelle Glover
Claire Cliff
Ken Stratford
Simon Cliff (on Flickr)
Steve Harris
Steph Peart
F. Carrie Hall
Paul Dishman
Jon Eland
Ted Wilson
Brian McNea
Jeff Khan
Dawn Cobe
Nathan Strachan
David Enyori

Also photos from the YEP and The Guardian.

Copyright remains with the individual photographers and any permission to reproduce should be sought, in the first instance by contacting

Kirkstall Festival 2009

Festival and Parade Assembling
Parade Commences
Parade Continues
The Festival
Festival Activities
Festival Continues
Festival Service
All above images courtesy of Val Crompton

Kirkstall Festival
Images courtesy of John Crompton

Kirkstall Festival
Images courtesy of Helen Milton

Kirkstall Festival 2008

Thanks to Val and John Crompton we have these great photographs of the
set-up, parade and festival.

Setting up

Parade- part 1

Parade- part 2

Parade- part 3

Festival- part 1

Festival- part 2

Si also has some photographs of the festival on flickr

Kirkstall Festival 2007

Thanks to Val Crompton, we have photographs of the parade
and the festival.

Video from Ken Stratford

Kirkstall Festival 2006

Kirkstall Festival 2006


Festival 2006 – photos by Paul

Kirkstall Festival 2005

Festival 2005


Kirkstall Festival 2005 – photos by Paul Page 2 – photos by Val and Page 3

Festival Parade 2005
- photos by Paul and Page 2

Service 2005
– photos by Paul

Kirkstall Festival 2004

Festival 2004


Kirkstall Festival 2004Page 2 – thanks to Steve for letting us use his photos.

Festival Parade 2004

Kirkstall Festival 2003

Festival 2003


Kirkstall Festival 2003Page 2Page 3
- thanks to Steve, Kevin and Kat for the photographs.

Festival parade video in modem or broadband
version. You will need RealPlayer to view.

Kirkstall Festival 2002

Festival Monks


Kirkstall Festival 2002 – thanks to Steve – Page 2

Kirkstall Festival 2001

Roundabout at 2001 Festival


Kirkstall Festival 2001

Kirkstall Festival 2000

Festival Parade 2000


Kirkstall Festival 2000Festival Parade 2000

Abbey Family Fun Day

To celebrate the opening of the new visitor centre.

Family Fun Day


Family fun day photographs.

Classical Fantasia

Music and Firework event held at Kirkstall Abbey each September

Classical Fantasia


2005 – photographs of fireworks over the Abbey.

Fireworks explode over the Abbey


2003 – fireworks over the valley – photographs by Paul

Classical fantasia video in modem
or broadband
version. You will need RealPlayer to view.

Kirkstall – the present

Boston Diner

Boston Diner/Exchange fire


Boston Diner Fire – June 2005.

Next morning
and afternoon.

Boston Diner/Exchange March 2005


Boston Diner
- March 2005. Owner’s Park Lane Properties continue to let the Boston
Diner rot. The property is insecure and attracting fly tipping.

Boston Exchange August 2004


Boston Diner – August 2004. The very sad site of the Boston
Exchange on St. Ann’s Lane.

November 2004

Kirkstall, November 2004


Kirkstall – November 2004. Great pictures out and about in
Kirkstall on a November day. Includes photographs of the renovations at
Kirkstall Abbey.

October 2004

Kirkstall, October 2004


Kirkstall – October 2004.
Kirkstall on a sunny October day. Excellent photos including the river
looking particularly attractive in the sun. Includes photographs of the
renovations at Kirkstall Abbey.

Kirkstall Forge

Kirkstall Forge, November 2004


Kirkstall Forge – November 2004. Four photographs of
Kirkstall Forge during an open exhibition about the development plans
for the site.

Thomas Waide Factory

Thomas Waide Factory


During demolition – photographs by Paul

Photographs by Paul

St. Stephen's Graveyard


Page 1, Page

Photographs by Kat

Sky over Kirkstall


Page 1, Page

Kirkstall in the Past

Kirkstall Secondary Modern / Kirkstall Middle School

Kirkstall Middle School


During demolition – photographs by Steve